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Airport Masterplanner™ is a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) solution for airports. Designed to get a better understanding of current performance and use that to get an improved grip on long-term developments. Airport Masterplanner™ offers functionality for management reporting and planning (including budgeting) and helps airport managers to make decisions that create economic value while at the same time improving efficiency of the planning & control process.


• What makes Airport Masterplanner™ unique is that it is an industry specific solution that is easy to implement, that combines reporting and planning of traffic, capacity and finance in one truly integrated affordable solution. This makes it the solution of choice for airports both large and small.



Changing airport ownership models, decreasing public funding  and more critical (public) shareholder attitudes increasingly require airports of all sizes and across geographies to create economic value. This while liberalization of air transport and increasing commercialization of the airport industry itself results in more competition and an uncertain investment environment.


• As a consequence, today's planning of traffic, capacity (investments) and finance needs to be adaptive, pro-active and business driven. Airport Masterplanner™ is designed to support such an integrated and value based approach.

Airport Masterplanner™ was developed and is marketed by Masterplanner Solutions from the Netherlands. Masterplanner Solutions was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to delivering BI solutions to infrastructure companies.


• Together, the founding partners of Masterplanner Solutions have brought together vast experience in software development and airport economics that has resulted in a simple but sophisticated industry solution.


• In addition to delivering Airport Masterplanner™ as a modern and secure web application, Masterplanner Solutions provides associated implementation-, training- and deployment services.

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